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Another weekend, another trip to see FC St Pauli play in Hamburg. Flight to Hamburg from Heathrow first.


When we arrived we had just enough time to get to the Feldstrasse amateur pitches to see the FC ST Pauli ladies play. Caught the last twenty minutes but sadly the Ladies lost 1-2. Other team looked pretty good to be fair.


Off to the Hamburger Dom and a quick drop off into the Jolly Roger before heading off to the handball to meet up with some friends.

Men had a gripping 25-25 draw with the last play an opposition penalty. Ladies cruised to a comfortable win.


Sunday and up for the main match at FC St Pauli versus Jahn Regensburg. Went 0-2 in the first half, finished 2-2. Good enough. Then off to the Kitty Bar, the Dom again, Jolly Roger and back home.

Great weekend with the boys. Can’t wait for the next one.