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So, coming back from the Big Bash do I noticed that the hub was making a weird ticking sound. Panels off and with the missus walking alongside I tried to track down the issue. “That’s your problem” she said. Oh shit. Three of the four hub/rim mounting studs had broken. The wheel was held on by one stud…..

Not a problem I thought. Time for a new rear hub. Off to Readspeed for a new one. Easy peasy. So after hours of trying to remove the hub nut it was down to the local motorbike shop. One second on the impact gun and the nut was off. So, just remove the hub then. Two of the three locking plate holes were screwed so the hub puller was a dismal failure……

Right, time for some more advice. Chas Mann scooters advised that a screwdriver between the hub and the engine casing and a few sharp blows with the rubber mallet and Bob will be my uncle. Five hours later, I’ve given up. It’s gone to Chas Mann this week and hopefully they can get the bloody hub off and there’ll be no damage. Hopefully back on the road this weekend.

It has proved once again though that there’s nothing mechanical I can’t screw up. It’s a gift…….