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I picked this up from Twitter somewhere but I can’t find the reference so I apologise. However I’m trying to follow these principles.

1) Make your bed when you get up. Start the day with a clear achievement. Sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2) Exercise – I run, longboard or walk 3 miles every morning before heading to the workplace. It gives me time to think and plan and also dream about what could be. Gets my mind moving.

3) Drink coffee. It’s what I need first thing when I get into work. Both mental stimulation ( more from the process than the caffeine) and adds a little bit of a kick start for work.

4) Journalling. I use the 5 minute journal app on my phone or tablet. Gets me thinking about some the the little things I should be grateful for and sets some simple targets. I wouldn’t write a diary so this is an easy alternative.

5) Meditation and mindfulness. I’ve seen lots of recommendations so I’m trying this. I’m using the Smiling Mind app on my phone. I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what it’s doing but it does make me feel good.

Weekdays are easier to do this than the weekends but I’m perservering. It does help me set up for the day.