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Forced to admit I do need some help. It’s difficult to spread your time across 25-30 players in training with the range from 1st team players of years experience at higher level clubs and those that have never played the game before. There’s only so much a single coach can do.

We’ll be chatting to some of the older, retired players about getting involved. As head coach though I do need to put some level of conditions on things:

  • The game has changed and I need coaching to develop – not the way the game was played 20 years ago
  • We have a style of play and I need all the coaches to buy into that
  • I need the coaches to commit to very match and twice a week – no dropping in when they feel it’s suitable
  • We need to have separate coaches meetings and agree a structured season. We can then allocate out sessions or slots and plan in advance
  • I’m head coach. In case of disagreement it’s what I say…….