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My Shropshire weekend was slightly broken by the 190-mile round trip to Coventry for the rugby. We did manage to get two teams out which is critical for a small club in order to keep growing. I went off (as usual) with the firsts for a league match against Coventry Copsewood RFC. They used to be the GEC rugby side back in the days when the factory was still running. A good 14-50 win but we mullered some chances through poor handling and spilling the ball in contact. That’s what the session will be this week.

Less successful for the 2s. We were supposed to have about 18 having borrowed a couple from Spartans. However, they were shorter than they thought. Our biggest problem was players who committed and then didn’t turn up. The bane of any sporting club. If you don’t want to play, say so. If you commit to being available your club and your teammates expect you to be there. Spartans are a good, well-polished team and so playing 13 against them (and going down to 12) did us no favours. 3-38 loss. Oh well.