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Synopsis – not as easy as I thought.

I’ve only been riding for three months but I need to be able to slide in order to hit the bigger hills. So this weekend’s target was to move this ahead. First session I started with a medium hill (with no traffic!) and the plan was to turn and put two hands on the floor. I hit the floor about a dozen times. Message in my head was that I wasn’t carving hard enough. So off to another car park and try to carve much harder. 

It turns out that I haven’t really been carving hard enough at all. So lots of carving. I guess heel side carves are easier than toe side ones. Don’t know if that’s everyone or just me. Sadly I took off the protective gear and then hit a lip about 30 seconds later and fell off. Bummer.

So after some YouTube research I approached a different slide. A traditional Coleman slide, looking to grab the frontside rail and then put the opposite hand on the floor. Easy to watch, easy to write and much more difficult to do. Suffice to say, I didn’t manage it. However I tried to break it down a bit. Worked on the crouch and was able to grab the rails with a little practice and also touch the puck on the floor while moving. 

After some more reading it does seem that it’s commitment that I’m short of. So going to try it again and just bloody do it. Hands on the floor and slide!