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Went OK really. Bit tricky with not knowing the players and the skills. Also not easy being the only coach. We had 21 players down – a mix of 1s and 2s – which was a real positive. Looked at some basic gameplay, handling, skills and a team run. The 25 minutes split between backs and forwards meant they had to self-organise a bit. True to form the backs were running lines and talk. I started off the forwards with lineout lifting technique and when I went back they’d automatically progressed to mauling, ricking and knocking lumps out of each other.

They want me back and the feedback from players was good, so that’s a positive. I think we’ll be looking at core skills and teamplay on a Tuesday night and unit skills with smaller groups on a Thursday.

Hopefully we’ll have a pool game on Saturday or a training session/interclub game. Looking forward to it.