Longboards USA

Longboarding is fun and what you do on your board is just limited by your own imagination (and some physics), but much is possible.

There are many ways to ride your longboard. Understanding what you want to do on your board will help to pick the board most appropriate one for that activity.  Sometimes you might find out you really need 2 or more board to optimize your ride, but lets start figuring out your main style first.

Many riding styles morph into each other and most people enjoy and ride multiple styles.
Some of the separation is kind of artificial, however each style has some characteristics which set them aside from the others.

In general you see 4 main riding styles, which are:

  • Cruising
  • Freestyle
  • Free ride
  • Downhill

Cruising is the activity most longboarders start out with. You go around town, the campus, sidewalk or wherever you have some…

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