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Something that’s quickly gaining popularity is the ‘stick and poke’ tattoo. It’s unclear if this is in a good or bad sense, as some claim this to be an up-and-coming trend of 2015 while others stress the idea of staying far away from the practice.


The concept is simple, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A needle is soaked in ink, then repeatedly poked into the skin in order to create the desired image. With the practice being somewhat primitive and reminiscent of tattoos done in jail, it’s surprising to know that these can actually be done at home.

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The reason that this has gained so much attention recently is due to the availability of a ‘home-kit’ being offered online. It offers a ‘safe’ way to poke, providing sterile wipes, medical gloves, additional sterile materials, and an instruction manual.


But even with the precautions of this home kit, there’s…

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