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I went down to a local park and tried in the car park. Fewer people in case I looked like an idiot. For the first 30 minutes I thought I’d made a huge mistake. I just couldn’t do it. Nothing was going right and I couldn’t even push off successfully.

Then I thought I’d change my leading foot. A miracle. Suddenly it all seemed so easy. A hours worth of practice and happily pushing off getting on the board. Getting my feet into the right position and starting to carve some turns. All at a slow speed.

Key points for me were the standard counterintuitive things that I think I’ve learned from bike and motorcycle riding. Don’t look at your feet – you can’t balance if you’re not looking in front of you – and speed actually makes things easier to do. Stronger balance and easier to correct minor mistakes.

I got bored with going round the same bit of car park so today it’s off to somewhere else to try some more stuff. A slight slope would be good to see how that goes.