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I’ve handed in my notice to quit coaching (and other involvements) at the rugby club I’ve been involved with for 9 years. A tricky decision but driven by a number of things:

Coaching was getting to be a big struggle. I have been enjoying it less and less. Part of it I think was when our previous head coach resigned. They were unhappy and it seemed that the players didn’t like her style. Actually, her style was much like my own. That put some doubts into my mind.

Our previous head coach had implemented a structure. The structure was looking a a whole season with a structure to coach various areas and we planned sessions which were peer reviewed across the team. That seems to have been lost but provided a framework within which I could feel that I was developing with feedback and some mentoring.

Our new head coach – who is a fantastic coach by the way, no problems there – seems to be handling things as more of a single coach would. It’s making me feel less of a “team member” in terms of a coaching team. Our model at the moment is that we train twice a week but our head coach can only make it once a week. I would like a steer or some feedback on what and how I coach on the Tuesday. Sadly, due more to logistics than anything esle, it’s not forthcoming.

I’ve been getting stressed though all of the above. Had a couple of sleepless nights through it and I suddenly came to the conclusion that as I’m unpaid and a volunteer I shouldn’t be doing something I don’t enjoy and that actually causes me stress. So I just won’t do it anymore. I’m having to get over the guilt feelings of abandoning the club but there comes a stage where you can’t remain doing anything that causes you grief just to avoid upsetting others. That’s why they’ve got me for the rest of the season. Although I was feeling like quitting immediately…..