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I went on a technology-buying splurge this weekend and upgraded my iPad and bought an iMac to replace my Windows PC. The purchasing process at an absolutely packed Apple Store in Birmingham was really smooth. Found an employee who worked entirely off an iPhone with an scanner and card-reader built in. As I knew what I wanted the process was so simple and we were sorted in 20 minutes. Which seeing how busy it was seemed very impressive to me.

Sorting the iPad and giving the old one to my missus was simplicity itself. The App Store recorded the apps I had and auto-downloaded them all. Depending on how usernames and passwords were stored most were immediately ready to go.

The iMac setup was really easy. I’d taken the Idea of Apple’s design with a large pinch of salt. However the machine itself was wonderfully elegant and the setup process was not only smooth but remarkably elegant in terms of choice of fonts, use of white space etc. really simple.

Only quibble was iMessage isn’t quite up and working, I think I might need to set up me and missus with separate identities, and I need to be able to share some iCloud stuff with her.

If I was going to be really picky the iPad is slightly narrower than my old one so the covers and Bluetooth keyboard/case won’t fit and will need replacing.