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We had another guest coach down for a session last night. Shane Howarth form the Warriors came down to do a session. Professional coaches (which include our backs coach) make such a difference in how they do things. It’s probably the fact that they’re used to doing things and seem very polished but it always looks so slick to me.

Shane added just a couple of things to our line-out defence but it seemed to work well. Players all got it very quickly and seemed enthusiastic and put it into place. We’ll see if we can get it working in the match this weekend. We did get exposed by Richmond out wide from the line-out with us trying to cover. Solution is to manage another body into the line to create a mis-match of numbers. We can cover more space.

It’s always good to get the new voices in. Players respond positively and we tend to get a sudden change of performance and behaviour due to this. This is always great for us although sometimes slightly galling that similar ideas from us don’t stick nearly as well! Probably (hopefully) something in there about familiarity and the difference a fresh voice/message makes.

It will be very interesting to see what this weekend brings. Short of numbers sadly so a win would be great. Actually, no injuries would be a result. Still worrying about performance rather than winning. We have to build on each match to get the team and individual skills and behaviours right. Then the “right” results will come.