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Tried something new as we don’t have a match this week. Designed a session to deal with a specific problem. Explained the exercises and the outcomes the coaching team were looking for and then left it to the players to manage the session. We also asked them to define their own success criteria.

To help it along I asked the players to rate themselves in order of gobbiness, from loud to quiet and then alternated them to create two groups. That bit worked out well. It made sure we split the more talkative players across both groups.

There was the difficulty of the coaches actively trying not to talk just remind of outcomes and explain the drills. Hoever, the two groups came up with different solutions to the decision-making problem. When we broke for a series of games each group put their solution into play. Both planned solutions worked differently but successfully.

An interesting experiment in player-led work. It was new so it took some time for the group to get to grips with it. We got there in the end and the players enjoyed it so might well try it again.