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Sunday and a long trip to Kent. 8:00am coach journey and back at 10:00pm. We won so at least it wasn’t all that journey time for nothing.

We’ve been working hard on spacing and guards around the ruck. That was a big improvement so that was pleasing. Our rucking was better and our scrum-half did get cleaner ball so the stuff we’ve worked on was put into play in the game. That’s a big plus that we haven’t necessarily had in the past. Getting players to trust and put into play on the pitch what you work on in training is not as easy as I would originally have thought. It needs time to build up the relationship with a coaching team and get the two-way trust working across the players and us. We seem to be getting somewhere with that. I’ve found that a personal challenge so I’m pleased with that element of my coaching performance.

Our problem sometimes might be a drive to be *too* sophisticated. We run moves when we don’t need to. Our forwards will need to be concentrating on getting over the gain line and creating forward momentum. Our backs need to make some quicker decisions on whether they are going to go or to pass out to someone else. One second of indecision can close down both options.

Still, a much better performance that starts us getting into the right part of the league table. Battling in the top half, not scrapping it out in the bottom….. Aylesford are making real improvements and had us working hard on our tight defence. We were pleased to come away with a 5-43 win.