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The initial analysis of what I’ve most enjoyed doing is still right. Back to server-side engineering. I keep telling people that’s what I want to do and just the saying of it gets me energised and excited. I’m committing verbally to a timescale of 3 years to be fully employed in doing that.

Then the downside. I’m struggling to find the time. Not that I don’t have the time, it’s just that my time (like everyone else’s) is precious and I fit a lot in.

Even outside of general contracting work – at the University of Oxford right now so lots of travelling – I’ve had to do my own company accounting, fit in two coaching sessions at Worcester Ladies rugby, attend a regular meeting of the North Midlands Society of Rugby Football Referees [which I will only ever refer to as NMSRFR from now on], do some treasurer stuff for the ladies rugby and fit in some running. From next week I will be back into the Saturday afternoon refereeing as well.

Coding practice has been a bit poor this week. I need to get things up and going. Schedule in some study and practice time…….