In essence, I’m bored with what I do. Even worse I have no idea what to do next. I need a new career but I can’t think what it is.

I took voluntary redundancy about four years ago or so. The one thing I said I wouldn’t do is go back into IT or project management. I was going to do something different. I was going to be a ninja, or just stick it to the man.

Fours years on and I’m doing IT project management. I’m an independent contractor and I haven’t not been working but I fell back into doing the same old stuff. Back into the comfort zone. It’s time to break out.

The problem is I don’t know what else I’m good at. I know the things I’d like to be doing – building custom motorcycles, being a tattooist – but I’m a bit useless at them. I’m not doing myself down, I genuinely have no talent in those areas.

I don’t want to be a pauper, living from hand to mouth. I want to make a decent living. I’m happy to make compromises about money (the missus kind of agrees with that one) but I only want to do that for a job that makes me happy. I don’t want to earn less for a job I’m equally unhappy in.

Plan – list all the things I like doing, all the things at work that give me a buzz and then see what I can do to find a role that matches that.

A work in progress, but something’s gotta change.