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Went to Cardiff with some friends for the Heineken Cup final. Had a terrific day. Wore my Saracens colours on my sell eves – well, wore a jersey anyway – and was filled with confidence. Parked up in Newport next to the hotel, found the boys and into the local Wetherspoons for breakfast. Beer and a big fried breakfast.

In Cardiff and beers in O’Neills to start off that stage of the trip. We had lunch in Cafe Jazz (nice food, nice place) and then off to the stadium.

The match was disappointing. At no point were Saracens in it. Well down to Toulon, definitely the better team on the day. Felt too bad to watch the presentation so back to Cafe Jazz. Train back to Newport, into the Queen’s Hotel (with a quick side trip to The Lamb) and danced the night away on their dance floor. Let’s just say that Sunday was spent feeling like crap. Always the sign of a good trip.