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On the one hand I guess we should be happy that we can see this stuff. A second-division German football match at 5.30pm on a Friday. Still, the quality is a bit rubbish and every webcast always seems to want to download “updates” to my Macbook. Hmmmm.

Daughter had her cast off her leg this mooring after 6 weeks. We both thought that all would be good. Turns out the fracture has still not completely healed so she’s in a boot for 3 weeks. Bummer.

First half home against 1. FC Kaiserslautern finishes 1:1. Would have been 2:1 except the post kept out a great strike from Halstenberg. It ended up a gripping match. Kaiserslautern went 1:2 up but Kringe got one back to be at 2:2 with 90 minutes up. The timekeepers said 5 minutes extra time. Sadly at 6:24 of extra time Kaiserslautern got another to finish it at 2:3. Bloody shame. Himmelmann (replacement goalkeeper after Tschauner was injured) was immense.