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Last summer I had some back and leg problems that stopped me running. I was somewhere between 14 and 14 1/2 stone at the time. I ended up with a neurological problem in my leg and foot caused by a bulging disc in my back. Weirdly no pain at all though. I had to stop running as a floppy foot stopped me even walking properly.

Things improved over the months and I went back to running. Slowly and short distances but back. To try and ease myself back into it I started going to the gym. I’d run about 2k to the gym, do some stuff there (treadmill running, cross-trainer, cycling, rowing) and then run home. Feeling pretty good with myself I’ll be honest. Weighed myself this morning and I’m up to 15 1/2 stone.

I’m going to go back to straight running again. Painful and unpleasant to start with but that’s what gave me the weight savings in the first place. I’m probably snacking more than I was as well (guilty feelings on that) so need to cut that out/down a lot.e