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So Wales won’t be the champions. We knew that running into match day but that’s no reason not to have a good day. Travelled down to Bristol to a friend’s place where I was crashing and trained it up to Cardiff.

It was a beautiful day on Cardiff. The sun was out and we stayed in the Yard before the match. Missed the England match as the sun was warm and drinking beer out in the street in the sunshine seemed the best way of celebrating the day. Into the stadium for kick off and a good Welsh performance was helped out by the Scottish problems and Stuart Hogg’s red card.

After the match we watched the Irish match back in the Yard. Then we travelled back to Bristol and finished off the day in my mate’s local. Not proud to say I was a little drunk and wobbled over a (criminally low) wall into a horse field. Because the wall was low there was an electric fence which I managed to touch several times getting back over the wall.