I’ve recently joined the BCS and went to my first of their events last night at a Bristol University building. Not the crowd I was expecting I must say. I was one of the few suited and booted individuals there.

First talk was by Stuart Rance (@stuartrance on twitter) talking about how iT Service Management needs to change to cope with Agile and similar development of speed-to-market drives. Just what we’re looking at on my current contract. Interesting snippets – Netflix do about 100 automated changes a day and they use the Chaos Monkey to create failures to test their ability to cope. Biggest changes needed are attitudes, culture and behaviours not process.

Second talk was from Ivor Macfarlane (@ivormacf) and was about attitudes again. The difference between techies – fiddlers and fixers – and Service Managers who prefer to keep a low profile.

Got home at quarter past ten at night after leaving home at six in the morning. Need to work harder at my networking skills and how to kick off conversations!