Engine work done on the Lambretta


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Had some work done on the scooter by Readspeed Scooters. Now got an iron-barrelled 230 kit with new carb, clubman exhaust, new crankshaft and bearings, new stator plate and flywheel, 19-tooth front sprocket, new chain and chain guides and a 6 plate clutch. All very nice and produces a mighty 17.6hp and 17ft/lbs of torque at 4000 rpm. A very nice touring motor.

Only problem now is that I have to run it in. Done 100 miles so far so just another 400 to go before it’s fully ok…… Fitted a C2C screen from  Scooterlab to cut down the wind blast. Very effective I have to say.

Need a break from rugby


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It’s been a struggle to keep enjoying the rugby right now. Starting to run out of enthusiasm for all of it – my local club where I coach, televised rugby, women’s rugby. I’ve told my club I’m standing down as head coach and I’ll be taking a complete break from the game.

When I say a complete break, that’s what I mean. The plan is not to step foot on a rugby ground, quit all my twitter feeds and have nothing to do with the game. I’m going to spend from April 2017 to April 2018 just riding my motorbike and my Lambretta, catching back up on my longboarding and following the football. Then after that we’ll see how I feel. May never go back to coaching and rugby, you never know.