Scooter run to Stratford


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After getting the scooter back on Saturday from Chas Mann’s (30 minutes effort for Darren who knows what he’s doing as opposed to me) it was off to Coventry to catch up with some mates to ride to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We also rode to Bedworth to meet up with Bedworth Saints.

We then rode with them down the Fosse Way to Stratford. There must have been 25-30 scooters I guess. Now while riding in a big group is fun, it’s fun for about 10 minutes. Then it becomes a bit of a pain. Modern automatics and learner riders and a large group just doesn’t lend itself to speed. We rode at probably an average 30 mph to Wellesbourne where we had a break at a pub. My crowd of six got a bit bored with waiting for everybody else to get started so took off. More like an average speed of 50+ for the final four miles.

Stratford was really busy with scooters, holiday-makers and day trippers. The Bulldog Bash motorbike weekend was just down the road so a load of bikers making their way back through Stratford added to the road chaos. A quick pint and then I left the group I was with and rode home. A thoroughly enjoyable round trip of 110 miles. Sadly for the Coventry crowd a holed piston on the way home caused them some grief.

Crap mechanic


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So, coming back from the Big Bash do I noticed that the hub was making a weird ticking sound. Panels off and with the missus walking alongside I tried to track down the issue. “That’s your problem” she said. Oh shit. Three of the four hub/rim mounting studs had broken. The wheel was held on by one stud…..

Not a problem I thought. Time for a new rear hub. Off to Readspeed for a new one. Easy peasy. So after hours of trying to remove the hub nut it was down to the local motorbike shop. One second on the impact gun and the nut was off. So, just remove the hub then. Two of the three locking plate holes were screwed so the hub puller was a dismal failure……

Right, time for some more advice. Chas Mann scooters advised that a screwdriver between the hub and the engine casing and a few sharp blows with the rubber mallet and Bob will be my uncle. Five hours later, I’ve given up. It’s gone to Chas Mann this week and hopefully they can get the bloody hub off and there’ll be no damage. Hopefully back on the road this weekend.

It has proved once again though that there’s nothing mechanical I can’t screw up. It’s a gift…….

Scooter weekender


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Went off to the Three Pears SC Big Bash weekend. Camping for the first time in who knows how long. Lesson 1 – get a bigger tent for two of us. Lesson 2 – don’t drink so much and for so long. Lesson 3 – when you hear that funny noise, check it out quickly.

Found out that three of the four rear hub mounting points had broken. Lucky the wheel didn’t come off at 60mph to be honest.